Communities Not Cuts

Dear Local 2195,

Over the Summer, CUPE Ontario organized meetings across the province to plan our fightback against the Ford Conservatives’ attack on public services and the workers who provide them.

The Ford Conservatives’ cuts are hurting communities. They insist these cuts are necessary—but that’s just not true. And they aren’t just cutting services—they’re cutting away at the fabric of our province.

At the leadership meetings we promised to follow up with materials to spread awareness about the scope of the challenge Ontarians are facing.

We’ve put together factsheets about Bill 124 and about how cuts are effecting each of our sectors at

You can download and print these resources for member engagement and community outreach.

Visitors to can also send the Ford Conservatives a message while they’re at it. Share the website with your members.

You can also access the most up-to-date PowerPoint presentation given at the leadership meetings here.

In solidarity,

CUPE Ontario