COVID-19 Webinar Presentations / Présentation des Webinaires pour COVID-19

Sector-based COVID-19 webinars were held for CUPE members who are Health and Safety Representatives or members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee in their workplaces.

The hour-long Webinars provided representatives and committee members with fundamental health and safety principles and how they can be applied during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as a review of their rights, powers, and functions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The six webinars were presented for the following workplace sectors:

Memo from Don

To the Members
I am writing the local to give you some updates on what has recently taken place. As some of you may already be aware our Chief Steward Ryan has accepted a temporary position at Youth Justice in a management position. He has tendered his resignation to me and I have accepted it with a heavy heart.
I hope to see Ryan back in the fall in time to stand for election as a steward or whatever position he chooses to put his name forward for. If it doesn’t work out that way I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavours. Ryan is a big hole for the local to fill. I would like to acknowledge the dedication, and hard work he has put forward for all of us. Many would not be aware of the countless hours he puts in on all our behalf’s. I can verify that he always goes above and beyond when working on matters to benefit the members and the local as a whole. His morals, ethics, and values are very much admired by me.
Moving forward I will assure members that all your needs will be met and that business for the local will carry on as always. As you know the local has relaxed some of the provisions of our collective agreement in light of the current pandemic. This has happened right across the country as CUPE locals do their part to get to the other side of this crazy situation. I want to make you all aware that the Ontario Government passed legislation, last week, that gives employers permission to override collective agreements for mental health and addictions agencies. This gives employers sweeping powers to deny vacation requests, redeploy employees where needed, use non-bargaining unit workers to do bargaining unit work, and to ignore provisions pertaining to seniority, and bumping. These powers are granted to employers as long as the state of emergency is in effect across Ontario. As soon as the state of emergency is lifted everything reverts back to normal. We have been in talks with the employer since the legislation was enacted and they have suggested that they do not wish to take advantage of everything that has been granted to them under this legislation. At this point they have committed to stay in dialogue with the local to hear our concerns regarding how they will proceed.
I would like to acknowledge the members of our local who continue to work and provide services to clients and the public. A special shout out to all the front line folks. Your courage, strength, skills, and commitment shine through each day.
As always if you have concerns, advice or questions pass them through your stewards who will keep your executive informed and up to date with issues confronting us all.
In Solidarity