CUPE 2195 Elections

There are two types of elections, one for the officers (on every odd numbered year), and one for the stewards (one every even numbered year). Section 13 of the bylaws contains detailed information on how elections are carried out.

The Basics: Officers Election of Officers (the Union Executive Committee) 

Nominations are put forward at the October general meeting.

  1. For a nomination to be accepted, the member has to be at the October meeting, or has to have filed their written acceptance of the nomination (duly witnessed by another member) by the time the nominations are requested at the start of the meeting.
  2. All Nominees are asked to answer the following 3 questions; and the answers will be posted on the Local’s website, along with their 
    1. Tell us something your YSB colleagues wouldn’t know about you?
    2. What would be your priorities for this position and CUPE 2195?
    3. What do you bring to the table if elected into this position? (strengths, ideas, past experience, lived experience, etc.)
  3. At the October general meeting an Elections Committee, of neither current officers of the Executive nor candidates for election, is appointed to run the election voting process.
  4. The election vote is then held at least two weeks after the October general meeting.  Two time frames for voting are normally established, and are announced at the October general meeting.

Officers that are up for election

Descriptions of the positions are found in Section 8 of the CUPE 2195 Bylaws and have been highlighted here : Officers Roles