Today is Equal Pay Day.  Please share the attached letter with your locals.

On the Equal Pay website (Equal Pay Coalition Close the gender pay gap), videos will be displayed throughout the day from women who will be expressing messages worth hearing.  The letter was sent to Government officials to encourage the move to reduce the wage gap.

Sent on behalf of:

Helen Gibb-Gavel, Job Evaluation Representative

Bonjour :

Aujourd’hui, c’est la journée de l’égalité salariale.  S’il vous plaît partager la lettre ci-jointe avec vos sections locales.

Sur le site Internet Equal Pay (Equal Pay Coalition Close the gender pay gap) des vidéos seront affichées tout au long de la journée par des femmes qui exprimeront des messages qui méritent d’être entendus.  La lettre (disponible en anglais seulement) a été envoyée aux représentants du gouvernement pour encourager le mouvement à réduire l’écart salarial.

 Envoyée au nom de :

Helen Gibb-Gavel, Représentante en évaluation des emplois


Open_Letter_April6_2021_Equal_Pay_Day_to_Premier_Doug_Ford Letter_Ontario_Equal_Pay_Day_HGG_2021_04_07

Resolutions & Constitutional Amendments for the annual Convention

To CUPE Members:

The deadline for receiving Resolutions & Constitutional Amendments for the annual Convention is April 8.

All resolutions to be considered at the Convention must be submitted by a Local Union or District Council, or by the Executive Board of the Division, or committee thereof, so that they are in the office of the Secretary-Treasurer no later than 48 days prior to the Convention and must not exceed 200 words in total.

For more information, please click here: https://bit.ly/39C2O0O