Collective Bargaining Update & Solidarity Action

Hello members!

The Negotiations Committee wanted to share an update on the negotiations for your next collective agreement. We have been in negotiations with our employer since April 2015 and have resolved many items brought forward.

During the negotiations process we have asked for fair and reasonable benefits. With this being said, the Union has filed for conciliation to assist us in coming to a mutual agreement.  Conciliation means that a Government appointed, unbiased, third party comes in to act as a mediator and support a fair resolution. We had no choice but to take this route as we have been in negotiations with no progress.

To ensure a fair process and good faith bargaining, the Union and the Employer have committed to not sharing specific details of the negotiation process until an agreement has been reached.  This means that we are unable to share the specifics details pertaining to our outstanding proposals at this time.  We can state that we are asking for a fair deal for all workers at the Bureau. Negotiation updates and next steps were shared at our recent membership meeting of June 3rd, 2015. For those members that were unable to attend, please connect with your Shop Steward.

We are requesting your support in this process!

The Union specifically requests that members show visible signs of solidarity and support for our Negotiation Committee’s efforts.  Visibility is one way to demonstrate our belief in collective bargaining and our appreciation for the significant efforts of the Negotiations team.  They are working hard on our behalf and are often in isolation in their efforts.

This type of visibility can really assist the Negotiations Committee’s ability to bargain and can ultimately result in our union members receiving a fair deal for the important and essential work we perform with commitment and dedication.  This is a way to show each other that we are united and strong, and the stronger we are together, the fairer deal we can get. We acknowledge that budgets can be tight, and what we are working for is a fair deal for all workers at the Bureau.  We know that fair wages and good benefits mean we are able to focus on our work and ensure that we deliver the highest standards of care to the youth and families of our community.  Ultimately, members and the Employer want the same thing: to serve youth and their families to the very best of our abilities.

Your Support and Solidarity is Requested!

June 26 is conciliation day.  Between now and then, we request that Local 2195 members visibly show support for our Negotiations Committee and for each other.  Here are some ideas of things you could do to show support and solidarity with our Negotiations Committee:

  • wear a pro-union button or bracelet
  • put something union related on your desk or in your work space
  • post something on social media eg: a photo of you wearing a button and hashtag it #cupe2195 #solidarity #cupe

And finally, on Thursday June 25th, the day before the conciliation meeting, we would love to see as many people as possible wearing a blue or green shirt, along with anything else they feel they want to add (pro-union bracelet or button, etc.), during their work day and on their work site.

Blue and green are our theme colours to show solidarity – and hopefully this will signify that we are CUPE 2195 members and we are YSB, and we believe in our ability to negotiate a fair deal for all workers.  If someone asks you about the show of support, a suggested way to reply is, “I just want to show that I support my fellow co-workers.”

If you are in need of a union button, bracelet, a blue or green t-shirt, or other visibility items, please ask your Shop Steward. We are distributing items for people to use if they feel comfortable.

We thank you for your efforts to support our Negotiations Committee and all workers at the YSB.  We are hopeful that conciliation will lead to a fair deal for all involved.