Get Michelle Home!

Hello Members ! See the info below on supporting our colleague Michelle, the coordinator of YSB’s Intensive Family Services Program in her recovery.

michelleDear Friends,

I am writing on behalf of my beautiful best friend Michelle Earle. On the May long weekend as we set plans for a relaxing weekend at the cottage, we were faced with a freak accident. Michelle had fallen off an 9 foot embankment and was left with a broken spine.  After a very long  surgery the doctors were able to fix her spine but the accident itself has left her without the use of her legs.

This has been difficult for everyone to absorb since Michelle is a very athletic individual. She was an inspiring spin instructor who motivated and encouraged others. She also has a very demanding job working with youths and their families who are in crisis on top of taking care of her  husband and 3 beautiful children.

In order to get Michelle home with her family, her house requires major renovations to accommodate her wheel chair and make things accessible for her.  This transition is going to be a difficult  journey for herself as well as her family and we would like to make it as smooth  and as comfortable as we can for them.  Most of the construction will be done free of charge by her friends but the cost of materials is quite significant. She will require accommodation to her kitchen, 2 washrooms, bedroom , ramps and a lift to her upper level. Unfortunately her insurance will not cover any of the cost! Michelle has always put people first and now we have an opportunity to give it back.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity to get Michelle back home. Your donation is greatly appreciated and every little bit helps.

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